Coming April 26th- Women’s FellowshipimagesCRHVBCK2

3:30- 5:00pm
Make plans to be a part of this special event as ladies of all ages enjoy food and a time of getting to know one another!

Welcome to MountainView

MountainView is a unique church committed to loving God and loving people by sharing the Truth in the midst of real life challenges.  We love to worship, grow in the Word, fellowship, pray together, and get our hands dirty doing ministry in our community.

If you’re looking for a church that is contemporary in worship yet committed to a solid, conservative approach to the Word of God, then spend some time checking out our website.  Better yet, come spend a Sunday with us and experience what Jesus is doing here at MountainView!

This Week

8:00am    Early Acoustic Worship
9:00am    Bible Connection for all ages
10:30am  Full band and kids ministries
5:00pm    Bible Connection-adults/teens
530pm     Prayer Gathering in Portable
6:00pm    Evening with full band
7:00pm   Men’s Gathering: Act Like Men
5:00pm   Family Dinner ($4)
6:00pm   Groups- Adult, Students, Kids