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We are a Gospel driven, Christ centered, passionate group of people on a mission. To know Jesus Christ on the deepest level and to see our town, state and  the world come to know Him. We call Murphy home, but we know we're called to reach to the ends of the earth. We are not perfect,  we've never claimed to be, but Jesus is. Our goal is to be more like him.

At MountainView, you won't be met with judgement because we've all got issues and a story. We are a body of people that we're once lost and are now found, blind but now see, dead but now alive. We didn't get ourselves here, Jesus brought us here. He is our rescuer. He is our good news. He is our purpose. We invite you to come and see that he is good.

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We want to create an environment where people can experience God by seeing people experience 4 things: We desire to see people Saved, Set Free, Redeemed, and ultimately living a Fulfilled Life that God has called each of us to live!



Without passion church becomes a chore.


The Church I see is passionate. Life, real honest true life, can be found everywhere. We are passionate in the way we worship our God, in the way we approach God’s word, in the way we love, in the way we serve, in the way we reach out, and in the way we give. Passion drives us to new heights, Passion brings us greater joy, Passion turns pain into triumph, Passion brings unity.


Without growth stagnation takes place.


The Church I see has an unshakable conviction toward growth. We must reach those who are far from God by any means necessary. We must love people into a relationship with our God. We must be committed to personal growth. And as we grow in numbers and depth with our God, so will our influence in our city, our state and our world. His church must never stop growing, never stop reaching, never stop teaching, and never stop calling people to transformation that can only be found in Christ


Without creativity we loose inspiration.


The Church I see is creative. It creatively uses every resource available to heal the hurting, inspire the stagnant, and call the shallow to deeper waters. The church I see is creating art that can only be inspired by God. The church I see is writing songs that move the heart of both God and men. The Church I see uses creative mediums not to keep up with the culture but to create culture.


Without generosity we grow selfish and introverted.


The Church I see is Generous. The church I see believes that all we have is for Him to use as He sees necessary. The church I see uses its generosity to change the world. The Church I see is compassionate with it’s resources. It’s loving others with our time, our materials, and our talents. Everything given from God is a gift and to be used for his glory.


Without legacy we lose our future (our children).


The Church I see is leading for a future generation. The church I see is concerned with not only the present state of our town, but in the state we will leave this town to our children. The church I see is raising young people to hand the mantle of leadership. The church I see is built for those who aren’t here yet. The church I see lives longer than our leadership.


My prayer is that these words, and their descriptions, will inspire, convict, challenge, and bring hope to your life. Like wet cement, any vision that is given from God there is always room for God to change it. Every step that God gives, we will take and then look for course corrections.


As we work together, with Jesus, our future is very bright at MountainView.

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